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6 tips to pack your luggage like a pro

Arranging luggage is certainly not an easy job, especially for first-time travelers. If you've ever had a headache in arranging your luggage or are extremely confused about what to bring, check out these 6 tips to pack your luggage to be able to own your suitcase right from the start. study abroad for the first time.

As compact as possible

Whether you pack your luggage a few months before departure or even close to the flight, you should keep the luggage as compact as possible to avoid having to carry heavy underarms during the journey. You should only bring your belongings or use, not pack the whole closet in a suitcase. If you forget a few items, it's okay because you can completely buy almost everything abroad.

Roll clothes like spring rolls

You should use a wheeled suitcase and remember to roll your clothes like spring rolls instead of folding into a square. This way of arranging clothes will save you a lot of space as well as avoid making wrinkled clothes. For small items like jewelry or toothbrushes, you can store in plastic gloves to easily organize everything. You can refer to this ranking on the web.

Bath like a native

For luggage to be as light as possible and easy to pass through the customs gate, you should not bring large shampoo bottles, but extract small travel-sized bottles. If the shampoo runs out, you can always run to a nearby pharmacy or supermarket to buy indigenous personal hygiene products to try, so don't worry. This is an opportunity for you to experience foreign products.

Careful preparation is never redundant

The more time you spend packing, the less likely you are to forget important items. Some essential items you need to bring are sports shoes, swimwear and sunglasses. You should bring items that can easily be put together. For example, if a dress can only be worn with a single shirt, then you should leave that dress at home.

There is always a backup plan

You should not put all of your belongings in checked baggage, but leave a few items in your hand luggage in case the luggage is lost, you still have clothes to change. Equipping a few extra canvas bags in your carry-on baggage is also helpful when you need a place for dirty things.

Check back important documents

You may be missing a pair of shoes or a few shirts, but never forget the following items: passport, bank card, phone and charger. Some things that are not very important, but can make your trip more comfortable are headphones, chewing gum, wet tissues, personal bandages and painkillers. Don't forget to bring some of your personal touches like your favorite makeup set or matching high heels.

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